Who am I?

I am Alannah Jade Turner. I am preferably called Larn. I am a daughter of Sharee and Dean Turner. I am also combination of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus with a generous dash of sass… *Breathe*… This obviously making one GLORIOUS (and modest) human… BUT, In the famous words of the Hookah-smoking caterpillar in Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland…. 

“Whoo aree youu?”

To be perfectly honest, I am a riddle that I have yet to solve. However what I can tell you is that I am a theatre lover and LURRVE being in the limelight. I also have a slightly reserved side. (Shocking, I know…) The reserved part of me gets excited to read a good classic novel in the sunshine of the beautiful Sutherland Shire, (only the best place to live in Sydney).

I can be quite obscure sometimes in my actions and thoughts… Eg.When driving in an unfamiliar place it’s a regular habit that I follow the car in front of me, trusting them to get me home. I also regularly contemplate frivolous dilemmas such as the difference between a date and prune.. (they taste the same, look the same but are they the same thing?!) 


I AM a student. Former student of Notre Dame University, I recently made the BEST decision to transfer to Wollongong University and take up a double degree in creative arts and communications and media studies. At my previous university I was studying a BOA, with both theatre and english as my majors but there always seemed to be something missing…

Going into the year twenty sixteen, I bound myself to the resolution of being ‘the year of yes’, the year of opportunity, the year of growth, the year of strength and the year of progression. But where was the progression in graduating with a degree which I had no idea how to use? None. So Wollongong… here I am and I’m going to be, (or at least try to be), the best journalist that graduated from this university!

My exterior is defined as a five foot little redhead, freckles and blue eyes etc, etc.. (definitely fitting a stereotype here)BUT the thing that more prominently defines me is my bold personality. I am a MASSIVE communicator… and in some cases could have what people may call ‘ #smallpersonsydrome ’ where my loud voice, enthusiasm and laugh compensates for lack of physical being.

The rest of me is a little mystery at this point. Naturally, I could talk about myself until the cows come home but should probably hold out… I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun.

#btw …

Just inform you…

Prunes and dates are NOT the same.

– Larn X

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