Research UPDATE

Within the first research proposal, initial curiosity drew me to numerous questions about the prestige and clock works behind students that choose to attend university. The original question: Is tertiary study subliminally influenced? proved too ambiguous for this research project due to the intangibly of the word subliminal. Nevertheless, this question provided a stepping stone towards the new research topic which explores the decreasing numbers of trade apprentices and questions whether the option of attending university is having a negative impact on the labour industries.


What makes students continue onto tertiary study instead choosing a trade or entering directly into the workforce?


This new question will help me acquire more direct and unbiased information in that it is not dependant on uncovering the unconscious mind. The foundation of my research project is built on statistical evidence of The Australian Bureau of Statistics. The findings of Education and Work, Australia display that the number of people studying within Australia has increased across demographics in the last ten years, with 20% of the population engaged in formal study. The 2016 analysis discovered 59% of students who graduated high school in 2015, continued onto tertiary study in 2016.

Alternatively, NCVER’s analysis of the trade industry identified a decrease of 5.7% from 30 September 2015 of apprentices and trainees in there 2016 September quarter. These statistics by the Australian Bureau show reason for negative impact upon the trade industry and can explain NCVER’s discovery of the decrease in apprenticeships being pursued.

The reasons this may be happing is initially what I would like to discover through survey and interview primary research. I would like to know if this is happening because like myself, students feel an inherent pressure to attend university, or if they think it will help them achieve their dream career. I have my suspicions in what the answers could be; however, in the case of curiosity, I am not purely motivated to uncover what I suspect. I am curious to discover if there is a simple reason why school students choose either apprenticeship, university or entering directly into the workforce.


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NCVER (2017). Apprentices and Trainees 2016. September quarter. [online] Adelaide: NCVER. Available at: [Accessed 5 Apr. 2017].

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Bournemouth Univeristy (2016). Research Impact. [image] Available at: [Accessed 23 Apr. 2017].



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