Importance of Tertiary Education: Student Uproar and Project Update

As the university semester draws closer to an end, each due date of ‘tasks to complete’ seem as though they are piling on top of each other. University premises are more frantic than ever as student and teacher alike, fight for their spot in the brutal carpark battleground. This however is a tertiary education normality…

In the last week, there has been a significant amount of uproar among University students like myself. On Monday night the Australian Education Minister, Simon Birmingham announced that next year, student fees will rise by 1.8 per cent and will have risen 7.5 per cent by 2021. Just when we thought the struggle #studentlife couldn’t get any realer… Birmingham also announced from July next year, the repayment of student HECS / HELP loans will begin sooner as income thresholds will be reduced to $42,000 from $55,000.

In four years, this budget is said will save $2.8 billion according to Australian Government. Now what does this say about the importance of tertiary education?  In this project, I question what makes students continue onto tertiary study instead choosing a trade or entering directly into the workforce.

In the coming years after the commencement of this financial budget, it will be interesting to see if there are adverse affects to school students continuing with further study post graduating high school. Current statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed 20% of Australian population are students. With the increasing cost to attend university, I will not be surprised if these figures drop next year as students fight to to keep their head above water.

For the time being, I would like to know what makes university important and why 59% of year 12 graduates choose University other than trade or direct entry into the workforce . By contributing to this survey, you will help determine the important reasons why individuals choose tertiary education.

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Thank you in advance  for your contribution!


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